Our Profile

The Department of Data Science and Digital Libraries was established in 2017 with the appointment of Prof. Dr. Sören Auer.

The main research areas - with a special focus on semantic data networking for Artificial Intelligence - are in the areas of.

  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, Engineering & Management
  • Information Systems, Databases, Data Integration, Linked Data, Semantic and Web Technologies
  • Software and Systems Engineering, data-driven Platforms, Web Engineering
  • Enterprise Integration, Semantically enhanced Service Oriented Architectures
  • Digital Libraries, E-Science, Science Governance, Peer-Review, Open Access
  • Semantic Data Integration for Engineering & Manufacturing (Industry 4.0), Mobility and Built Environment (Smart Cities), Digital Libraries & Research Infrastructures 

Information on current publications, projects and activities of Prof. Auer can be found at the TIB Research Information System as well as at ORCIDDBLPGoogle ScholarLinkedInTwitterVideolecturesSlideshareGitHub.