The main research areas - with a special focus on semantic data networking for Artificial Intelligence - are:

  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, Engineering & Management
  • Information Systems, Databases, Data Integration, Linked Data, Semantic and Web Technologies
  • Software and Systems Engineering, data-driven Platforms, Web Engineering
  • Enterprise Integration, Semantically enhanced Service Oriented Architectures
  • Digital Libraries, E-Science, Science Governance, Peer-Review, Open Access
  • Semantic Data Integration for Engineering & Manufacturing (Industry 4.0), Mobility and Built Environment (Smart Cities), Digital Libraries & Research Infrastructures 

Information on current publications, projects and activities of the department can also be found at the TIB pages of the research group, in the TIB research information system, as well as in ORCIDDBLPGoogle ScholarLinkedInTwitterVideolecturesSlideshareGitHub.