Bachelor and Master Thesis

The department continuously offers topics for student research projects and theses (Bachelor/Master) in the fields of Multimedia Retrieval and Visual Analytics. The topics are related to current research topics or ongoing research projects of the research group. Ideas for own topics and concrete tasks are also welcome.

Available Thesis Topics

If you are interested in working on one of the below topics, please contact Dr. Anett Hoppe (anett.hoppe[at] Please note that we can only supervise students registered in the study courses Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

In your email state:

  • the type of student project that you are interested in (lab, bachelor or master thesis) ,
  • the topic(s) your are interested in (please limit yourself to your top 3).
  • which study course you are enrolled in

(See the topics in detail)

  • Automated chart Fact checking (MA)
  • Complexity of Educational Videos (BA, MA)
  • Detecting  Attention-Directing Behaviors in Learning Videos (BA, MA)
  • Grade-Level Classification for Chemistry (BA, MA)
  • Image-text relations probing and data generation with large language models (LLMs) (BA, MA)
  • Information Extraction from Charts and Tables using Vision-Language Models (BA, MA)
  • Multimodal claim detection by enriching information extraction across modalities (MA)
  • Multimodal News Recommendation using semantic relations information and knowledge fusion (MA)
  • News values estimation and generation with large language models (LLMs) over news image-text pairs (BA, MA)
  • Sports Field Registration (BA, MA)